Going U. P., going west

By this time Wednesday morning I will have returned to my favorite summer place, the Les Cheneaux Islands of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I was worried that this year having a job would force me to miss it for the first time ever, but I’ll be there till the night of the 19th. Internet access and cell phone coverage are both in doubt while I’m in the U. P. I’ll answer emails when I can and hopefully come back with some good pictures.

Two days after returning I’ll be off again for the last of my IHS travels. This time I’ll be at Seattle University for the brand-spanking new Environment and Society Seminar. I’ll be busy almost the entire time I’m there, but will do my best to experience the city. Any tips for coffee shops where I can live it up Frasier Crane style will be much appreciated. I’ll return to D. C. on the 30th, finally to stay in town for more than a couple weeks at a time.


3 thoughts on “Going U. P., going west”

  1. They’re on Lake Huron, near the better known Mackinac Island. I like them because they’re still very natural: most have no roads, the nearby mainland towns are very small, and we just last year put in a shower stall (I still bathe in the cold lake). I do a lot of sailing, kayaking, canoeing, golfing, playing tennis, swimming, laying in a hammock, reading, gazing at the stars, and eating my grandmother’s cooking. And when the July alternatives are Houston and D. C., the cool summer breezes there win out easily.

    I haven’t found any good pictures online, so I’m going to try to take some while I’m there.

  2. Wow, that does sound great! For me to find somewhere natural and undisturbed it takes a few hour drive south and some how I never seem to make it that far.

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