Links for 2/26/09

Authors’ Guild vs the Kindle

How legalizing homebrew launched a revolution

All must bow to the 21-year-old drinking age

Is libertarianism a mental illness?

Private sector volcano monitoring

Heath Ledger’s last two roles were the Joker and a traveling magician? Man crush!

Bag bans going nowhere

Maine’s topless coffee shop opens for business

Kerry Ellison, another smoking ban hero


2 thoughts on “Links for 2/26/09”

  1. Libertarianism as mental illness… that’s kind of funny. Seriously though, judging from the titles of the sessions highlighted in that post that seems like a mis-characterization. It really looks more like the Harvard conference is asking specific values questions (what value should we put on community vs. individual, what value should we put on wealth/output). Even if they go so far as to propose an answer different than free-market proponents would select that’s hardly tantamount to calling libertariansim mental illness.

    Also, are you ever going to put up a new blogroll? (Any chance I’d make the cut?) I’m wondering where you’ll put it… the new, larger font size makes it seem like an extensive blogroll would significantly displace daily links/recent comments/something else. Just curious…

  2. Yep, updating the blogroll is on my to-do list. I’ll probably put it on the left sidebar, maybe with a dropdown menu so it doesn’t take up too much space.

    Were you not on it before? If not, that was an accidental oversight. I’ll make sure you’re on the new one.

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