One of the most annoying tasks I have to deal with as a weblogger is the policing of comment spam, the advertisements for health insurance, porn, Cialis, and such that make their way onto my archived entries. Lately Iíve been combating it with a utility called MT-Blacklist. This program uses a blacklist of banned URLs to prevent most spam from ever appearing. When some does sneak through, the blacklist is easy to update and use to clean the archives retroactively.

Spammers try to get around this in various ways: changing their IP addresses, varying the URLs to which they link, and disguising their comments to appear legitimate. These tactics are generally easy to deal with. Yesterday, though, a spammer tried a clever wrinkle Iíve never seen before. Among the advertising URLs he included a link to my own website. Not reading closely, I added the links en masse to my blacklist, unwittingly adding to my own list of banned sites! Fortunately, I caught the addition just before running a scan and delete of my archives. Had I not, I would have deleted all of my own comments from recent entries.

Perhaps this spammer is using this tactic purely out of spite for bloggers using MT-Blacklist to thwart his efforts. Perhaps itís intended to further complicate the policing process, discouraging bloggers from even trying to keep up. The approach isnít hard to defeat in its current form, but later incarnations could include links to other common domains. Links to or could seed usersí blacklists with false positives, leading it to detect legitimate comments. If the tactic becomes widespread we may soon need an MT-Whitelist, too, to protect them from deletion. In the meantime, MT-Blacklist users should take an extra glance at the URLs they ban.

For a few choice words directed to this particular spammer, click here.


4 thoughts on “Self-blacklisted”

  1. In honor of our uneasy alliance QC, i have disposed of the one you call “”. Turns out he was a fat 50 year old who spent his time mumbling to himself about system resources and how much better Linux is compared to Windows. I gave him the ol’ Taco Boy “Death Wrap” move.

    I snuck up behind him and quickly cracked him on the head with a frozen burrito. For those of you who don’t know it, when frozen, burritos make for a deadly weapon. While he was unconsious, I went to work. Quickly, I wrapped him in a giant soft taco wrap, filled with grade F meat, cheese, lettuce, and of course, fire sauce. He came to, and immediately tried to scream for help, but it was to no avail. The cheese had already melted over his face, and hardened to form a shell over his mouth. With over 500 pounds of Grade F meat all around him, he could not move from his shell-like prision. I then proceeded to deliver him to Taco Bells Around the Country.

    Let’s just say you don’t want to be eating at Taco Bell for the next few days.

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