Links for 2/19/09

Has the NYT editorial board ever seen a regulation it doesn’t like?

A glimpse at what goes into dialing in a shot of espresso

The Atomic is one stylish stovetop brewer

I’ll bet some of those gays like to drink more than 1.5 oz of liquor, too

Details about Barista and the new Noble Rot

How Hollywood ruins novels

Smoking in cars with girls


  1. […] Tim Sandefur, Mark Thompson/Donklephant, Alison Morris/Publisher’s Weekly Shelftalker blog, Jacob Grier, Amy Alkon/Advice Goddess […]

  2. […] Weekly Shelftalker blog (law reminds her of Cory Doctorow novel Little Brother), Jacob Grier, Amy Alkon/Advice Goddess, Joe Weisenthal/ClusterStock, and Valerie Jacobsen/Bookroom Blog. […]

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