The secret life of VandyGirls

After spending some time in DuPont’s Kramerbooks tonight I couldn’t resist picking up a copy of Alexandra Robbins’ new book, Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities. (Is it creepy that the first two books on my currently reading list are Pledged and Lolita?) Robbins went undercover to report on what modern sorority life is really like, and found that reality is often worse than the stereotype. Having attended a southern university where fifty percent of the women are in the Greek system, I find that scary, believable, and sad.

Though complaining about the Vandy Greek system was, and is, a favorite hobby of mine, the fact is I kept my distance from that scene. For me Greek Row was simply a rowdy and obnoxious street I had to cross on my way to Borders, or a malicious force that transformed previously interesting women into vapid VandyGirls. How did this black magic work? Pledged promises to be an illuminating and disturbing read.


2 thoughts on “The secret life of VandyGirls”

  1. You’ll have to tell us how the reading goes, because the premise of going undercover in a sorority seems a bit extreme — though at least Alexandra Robbins probably had the age and appearance to pull it off. I’d heard about this book before and thought I’d glance at it on Amazon after your post. While I doubt I’ll pick it up myself, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the sorority bitchfest going on in the reader comments.

  2. Those are some good comments! I couldn’t make it through more than the first page, but the quote at the bottom of one of them is just classic: “You do not go to college to find your husband, you go to college to find your brides maids.” – anonymous.

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