Selected tweets from my friends in the last 24 hours:

Discussions of Obama being “Good for a beer” and regular White house cocktail parties makes me happy on many, many levels.

ZOMG. Obama says he’d “go for a beer with Hannity”. Obama’s like 500000% better a person than I could ever be.

Has a man crush on Obama

These soon after the administration cited state secrets to block the Binyam Mohamed case. Obama’s a swell guy and all, but he’s not a better person than you. He wouldn’t go for a beer with Hannity because he’s so wonderful. He’d do it because that kind of glad-handing chumminess is what makes a person appeal to more than 50% of American voters. You, my friends, couldn’t put up with two years of that campaign bullshit. You wouldn’t try to cover up the previous administration’s complicity in rendition cases either. That’s why I like you. Snap out of it.


2 thoughts on “Priorities”

  1. Ha. Those are the exact kind of facebook/twitter updates every day many many times a day. I’m afraid of permanent injury from rolling my eyes so often. Glad I’m not alone.

    Some of favorites (read: most groan worthy):

    “____ drank Obamagang beer last night and it was really good, but not as good as Obama himself.”

    “____ isn’t sure how to handle having a hero.

    “_____ wakes up every day and marvels at how change is coming.”

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