When beer pong is outlawed…

A few years ago the busybodies at the Virginia ABC — some of the busiest busybodies in the country — decided to ban beer pong and other drinking games in county bars. Naturally people didn’t stop playing beer pong, they just played the game at home instead. This upsets some of the area’s more staid residents:

County Board members have directed staff to look into complaints that drinking games are getting out of hands.

Bluemont resident James Thorne said that, since the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) board banned drinking games (such as “beer pong”) from bars and eateries, they have gravitated toward outdoor areas, such as outside local homes.

“It affects our quality of life,” Thorne said of the resulting noise.

Thorne asked board members to consider an ordinance change that would give county police the ability to request that such drinking games be moved indoors.

Of course residents have a right not to be excessively disturbed by their neighbors. That’s what existing noise ordinances are for. A law specifically targeting drinking games would be superfluous and unfairly target young people, likely giving cops the power to shut down their parties without having to reasonably apply standard noise ordinances.

Stogie Guy Patrick Semmens is fighting the proposal at his new website, NoBoozeBan.org. Arlington residents should follow the issue there.


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