Free money, fr33 agents

I’ve been remiss in not linking yet to a couple of new sites from my friends.

First is Stimulus Watch, designed by my Crispy on the Outside co-blogger Jerry Brito. It’s a wiki site that lets citizens track stimulus spending proposals, vote on their importance, and supplement the descriptions with local knowledge. It’s searchable by location so you can find the proposals in your area. Oregon has 159 “shovel-ready” projects in the website, ranging from the plausibly appropriate to a $1.5 million dollar request for resurfacing tennis courts in Eugene.

The second is one of my new favorite blogs, Fr33 Agents by my friends Jason Talley and Tom Pearson. They profile libertarian activists and cover the “this movement like the fan boys and girls that we are.” Their daily updates are a great source for keeping up with grassroots opposition to big government interference in our lives. Go check them out.


3 thoughts on “Free money, fr33 agents”

  1. I started following your blog periodically when I saw an Op-Ed you wrote in the Portland Tribune. Imagine my lack of surprise when I discovered that you were friends with Tom Pearson, with whom I was friends in college. Thanks for linking to his site.

  2. Tom and I were both in the College Libertarians and Praxis the free market econ club. Also we may or may not have celebrated the repeal of the 18th amendment on one or such occasions.

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