Sometimes, one gig just isn’t enough

Courtesy of my wonderful flatmate, I’m now enjoying my very own Gmail account. If you want to send me a big file for some reason, (take that, spambots!) is the place to send it.

I like Gmail. I’m going to use it. But I promise, this Hemingway Star story isn’t going to be the least bit autobiographical.

[Correction 4/26/04: Chad, who I believe enjoys spotting my mistakes entirely too much, informed me that “Kevin Phillips” mysteriously began the above story as “Kevin Fleming.” That’s what happens when I try to edit immediately after drinking a Long Island. It’s corrected now.]


  1. Anonymous says:

    How inconsiderate of you, Jacob. Now my good buddy My First And Last Name is going to be flooded with Spam. Do you think of no one but yourself?

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