Sometimes, one gig just isn’t enough

Courtesy of my wonderful flatmate, I’m now enjoying my very own Gmail account. If you want to send me a big file for some reason, (take that, spambots!) is the place to send it.

I like Gmail. I’m going to use it. But I promise, this Hemingway Star story isn’t going to be the least bit autobiographical.

[Correction 4/26/04: Chad, who I believe enjoys spotting my mistakes entirely too much, informed me that “Kevin Phillips” mysteriously began the above story as “Kevin Fleming.” That’s what happens when I try to edit immediately after drinking a Long Island. It’s corrected now.]


1 thought on “Sometimes, one gig just isn’t enough”

  1. How inconsiderate of you, Jacob. Now my good buddy My First And Last Name is going to be flooded with Spam. Do you think of no one but yourself?

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