Latte crudo 1 euro

Jill Santopietro goes shopping at Eataly in Turin:

What really caught my attention wasn’t the fresh-baked breads, the fish market next to the fish grill or the cheese stand near the cozy pizza and wine bar, but a large, unassuming box near the bread section. On it was a life-size photo of an adorable cow with a sign that read, “Latte crudo 1 euro,” and a newspaper article about the health benefits of raw milk. Every morning a local farmer delivers his cows’ milk to Eataly, where it’s pumped into the cooler. As with bulk filtered-water fixtures at many Whole Foods (sorry, New Yorkers, I haven’t seen any here yet), customers either bring their own bottle or buy a new one and fill it up. One euro for a liter of fresh raw milk? Incredible.

And in the former Carpano vermouth factory, no less. I must go!

Presumably the loyal customers spending 1 euro for raw milk aren’t falling ill every weekend. Where government doesn’t push raw milk onto a black market, people purchase within an acceptable level of risk. It’s better than raiding farms and forcing customers onto shady internet sites, yes?

Raw milk rebellion