The right perspective on Warren

I didn’t watch this morning’s festivities since I think they represent far too much political worship and because I haven’t bothered to actually plug in my TV since moving to Portland. But if I had viewed it I would have wanted to do so on New Zealand’s TV One:

In any event, the coverage was unexpectedly good. The best comedic moment came when they decided to skip coverage of the invocation, which was dismissed as “Someone is saying a prayer now” and that they would return to coverage of the event when something important happened. Of all the ways to not have to hear Rick Warren’s awful accent this was a good one.



2 thoughts on “The right perspective on Warren”

  1. Gee, Jason, in your last six posts only one person has commented (sans myself). Is this telling you something?

  2. Steve – his name is Jacob, not Jason. Considering that the URL is and his name is all across the top of this blog, you’d think you could get that much straight.

    Jacob – It’s too bad they skipped coverage of Warren’s invocation. I thought it was quite good. After hearing it, I thought to myself that I wanted to get the text of that invocation. Which is more than I can say for Obama’s actual speech.

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