Things to look at while I’m busy

I’m back in D. C. now, but still have a week of crashing on couches until I can move into my apartment. Work starts tomorrow. Updates will come as they come. In the meantime, here are a few things to keep you busy:

Speculation continues as to whom John Kerry will select as his Democratic running mate. McSweeney’s John Moe has done us all a favor and humorously analyzed the pros and cons of the top twenty candidates. Link thanks to Chad Wilcox.

Kevin O’Reilly has written a delightful post about rediscovering the simple joy of bouncing a ball against a wall and remembering childhood fantasy. Read and enjoy “Leather Memories.”

Radley Balko, scourge of the Nanny State, has a debate piece on obesity in this week’s issue of TIME. He’ll be at the magazine’s conference on obesity this week sending in regular dispatches. This is the same conference that inspired the USA LOWFAT Act, so expect it to be infuriating.

Tim Swanson is the first person I’ve met through Orkut, Google’s take on Internet social networking. He runs a libertarian weblog out of College Station, TX. Read it because it’s Doctor Recommended.


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