Crackdowns on the white stuff

A raw milk arrest in CA:

A milk processing plant near Santa Paula was shut down last week after allegedly selling dairy products without a license or pasteurization, authorities said Friday.

Sharon Ann Palmer, 48, was arrested in connection with the plant called Healthy Family Farms at 6780 Wheeler Canyon Road, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department officials said in a prepared statement.

Members of the department’s Agricultural Crimes Unit and other local health agencies began an investigation of Palmer in the first week of December and found she was operating the plant without a license and selling potentially unpasteurized milk products at farmers’ markets in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties, according to the statement.

And in other California news, Organic Pastures Dairy, whose case I profiled for Reason, has had to accept a plea with the feds and cease selling unpasteurized milk across state lines. 2008’s final days continue to show that this is a terrible year for raw milk producers and consumers.


1 thought on “Crackdowns on the white stuff”

  1. Ha ha ha . . . . oh say it aint so! Well at least Sharon has moved on to milking cows instead of milking unsuspecting elderly widows out of their life savings through mortgage scams!!

    Sharon Palmer (Ross) was arrested a few years ago as she was trying to enter the U.S. at the San Ysidro border crossing with three Mexican nationals in the trunk of her car!!

    She had fled to Mexico after scamming an elderly widow out of her $1 million dollar home.

    And this was AFTER she had already served a state prison sentences for swindling an elderly home-owner out of nearly $750,000 in a similar scam.

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