MI smoking ban defeated

Three cheers for deadlock! The Michigan Legislature once again failed to pass a statewide smoking ban. Unfortunately the reasons have nothing to do with respect for business owners, employees, and smokers. The two houses just can’t come to an agreement about whether to ban smoking everywhere or to allow exemptions in casinos, cigar bars, horse tracks, and bingo parlors. It’s a familiar pattern with smoking bans: states carve out exemptions for gambling establishments that bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue while not offering any relief to bar owners who would be similarly affected. Michigan’s lawmakers are divided by those who want to ban smoking everywhere and those who want to hypocritically allow it only in businesses the state has a stake in — a temporary win for liberty, but not one that’s likely to last.

Smoking ban unfair, insulting


4 thoughts on “MI smoking ban defeated”

  1. Hey, a temporary win is still a win. I guess.

    This is probably not exactly the forum to ask, but you gonna be in Houston at all over the next week?

  2. Just picked up on your item from smokingbannewsdotcom

    Over here in the UK our great British Pubs and clubs are been destroyed by the draconian uk smoking ban.

    Pubs are closing at the rate of 35 a week, approx 90,000 hospitality workers have been put out of work.

    Even if you are a non smoker consider the true facts about smoking just not what you are being told there is more to this than meets the eye.

    Hope we still have some decent pubs for you to visit should you decide to visit us in the UK.

  3. I think smokers have so many options to quit: the patch, gum, etc. That if one doesnt work for someone then they have another option. I did laser therapy and it worked great only one treatment!!! Its just a matter of when Michigan will become smoke-free and how you can quit.

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