No animals were harmed…

After nearly cruelly dispatching my dog in my rejection letter from home, I should mention that he is safe and sound now that I am employed. To make it up to him I’ve posted a few pictures. These were taken by my sister last summer at our family place in the Michigan U. P.

Divot, a.k.a. Seamus McDivot of Muirfield, Div, D, and Digger, is a wire hair fox terrier. He enjoys long walks on the beach, chasing tennis balls and mink, and romantic kibble dinners. He is single and neutered.

Ready for some tennis ball action

On Big Rock, here rechristened the Great Terrier Reef

Divot abuses his couch privileges; it beats ending up in the crisper drawer

The old dog and the sea

Sniffing the air for mink