Fight pantslessness

November is officially Pants Awareness Month, which makes this a good day to recommend some of my favorite trousermongers, the wacky guys at Lindlands’ Cordarounds. They’ve invented reversible smoking jackets, authentic black sheep sweaters, bike to work pants, vagisoft pockets, and, most ingeniously, the word’s only corduroy pants with horizontal waling.

It’s no secret that I think corduroy is the king of fabrics (not quite literally), but the hot and humid DC summers made cords a strictly fall and winter thing. It’s why I had to move to Portland. But last year Lindlands launched (literally) new summer weight cords, proving their lightness by giving flight to a pair with the aid of a few helium balloons. They sounded good, but I wasn’t quite sold until I saw where they landed: Nearly two weeks later, they hit ground at Spring High School. As in Spring, TX, the town where I grew up, and the very high school where my mom taught English for many years. If that’s not a sign from the pant gods, I don’t know what it is.

I bought a pair and now I’m converted to horizontal corduroy. If you or someone you know is pantless, check ’em out.


5 thoughts on “Fight pantslessness”

  1. mmmm… Corduroys are sooooo appropriate for Minnesota. I love me a pair of loose-fit (preferably men’s) chocolatey brown, soft, wide-wale cords on a cold lazy Sunday (or anyday).

    I need to go to the mall tomorrow to get a pair. 🙂

  2. i know i’m late to the comment party, but i would feel remiss if i didn’t comment that fashionistas everywhere are shaking their heads in shame at the ‘all corduroy, all the time’ ideal you propose.

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