Harley Maki

Only in Nashville (actually the nearby town of Lebanon, pronounced “Lebenin”) would you find a place like this: Krooners, the “world’s only biker sushi bar and leading parts supplier for Harley Davidson and custom bikes from over 200 suppliers.” Yep, really. How’s that for convenience? Their motto is ‘Ride American – Eat Japanese.” The restaurant part of the store, Sushi Dogs, features traditional sushi and some rolls with southern ingredients, like okra.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about Krooners till it was too late for me to give it a try. But if I had, I have a feeling it would have gotten a 6.5 on the Jake-wishes-he-was-a-samurai-biker-hog-food-critic scale.


2 thoughts on “Harley Maki”

  1. Best sushi I’ve ever had and I’ve had it everywhere, the Japanese dude is 5 star. Nice people and awesome custom choppers. You got to try this place to believe it. Rod

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