How to get rid of camel crickets

About half my traffic right now seems to be going to that old post about camel crickets. These things really freak people out, so that page is filling up with fun comments like this one from bobbie jean:

just reading all of these entries makes my skin crawl. i lived in virginia for 20 years and never got use to them. they are the scariest alien/predator bug i have seen ever. i also noticed the bug disappearance. i started thinking there sinister buddies came and picked up there dead bodies up after i killed them. another thing i noticed or maybe just imagined is that the nasty little sprickets would jump at you or towards you instead of away from you. glad to know im not the only one terrified of them.

According to the Wikipedia article these creatures have been known to eat their own limbs if there’s nothing else available, so the stories about dead crickets disappearing might not just be paranoid fantasy. But my favorite part of the article is its suggestions for getting rid of the bugs. Along with ideas like setting sticky paper, spraying insecticide, and getting rid of hospitable breeding areas, it recommends releasing centipedes into the house to hunt them. That’s fantastic! People who can’t stand having crickets in their homes will just love having these guys crawling around:

House Centipede

Follow them with Bolivian tree lizards, then Chinese snakes, a few gorillas, and winter will take care of the rest. Cricket problem solved.

[Photo from the Flickr stream of David Reeves.]


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  1. Creepy, aren’t they? And surprisingly fast. I came across a couple in most of my apartments in Virginia, usually while barefoot in the bathroom at night with my glasses off. Fun times.

  2. what is the name of that bug with all the legs? the one that people keep saying is a natural predator to the camel cricket.

  3. I need to know the name of the bug in the picture. We are finding more and more out here in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. It’s getting warmer out here, so I am assuming they are trying to get out the heat. Found one in office, bedroom, living room, shower and bathroom. Do they like the dark? Sensitive to light? How do you kill them? We usually spray perimeters of home with Home Depot bug spray, should that be enough? They are fast.
    Is it a centipede, mixed breed, what is it?????

  4. dats great!! icame online to find out what that thing i just squished and while reading this i squished the only thing that gets rid of them dammit!

  5. I am so glad I am not the only one who is freaked out by these camel crickets.
    I am so petrified, even two of my three cats are too! I once found a dead one in the washing machine. It looked like a baby tadpole all stretched out! They are the most frightening of all bugs, so big you should be able to put a leash and collar on the damn thing and walk it!!
    I throw books on top of them to kill them, but they make a mess. Have you noticed they are so heavy when they jump, you can actually hear their weight landing on the floor?
    What is the best insectiside to kill them? I once saw one jumping upstairs!
    Please hurry and write. It’s getting cold in Pennsylvania and they are back.

  6. Please help anyone, I am killing anywhere from 3-5 of these pest in my home each day. I had never heard of them, until a took a pic and showed it to a male co-worker and he told me what it was. These crickets are gross, they jump all around and they look disgusting. I think they are entering my home, from an attached carport. I have a small storage closet, which my washer pipes run through. This is how I think they are entering my home. I have contacted my landlord about securing this area more, because there is a void there. They are really getting on my last nerves, someone please help!

  7. they freak me out. This year is the first time i ever had to deal w/these freaky THINGS. I must kill 3-4 per day. I read they come from the cool dampness. they also are called basement bugs. GROSS!! i want them gone. how do i get rid of them?

  8. i just moved into a basement apt in a very nice home and starting seeing
    these camel crickets i am so freaked i am trying to find another apt to move
    into can an exterminator get rid of them or not

  9. these crickets are so creepy, but you haven’t lived until some night something wakes you up, you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and come back in and see a dark spot just sitting on your pillow…turn on the light and guess what? One of those nasty crickets just looking at you! Eww!

  10. I was laying in bed one night typing to a friend online, when all of a sudden, I felt a large spider on my back. I froze and typed on the computer what I had felt. My friend mocked me and I didn’t reply instead focused on calming down and to try to stop sweating bullets for I was afraid that it could sense my fear and anxiety. I waited for a while and once the thing had left my bare back, I carefully crawled out of bed and pulled the sheets up… to see that it was simply a camel back cricket. Relieved as I was, I picked it up and smashed it outside. I returned to my friend who continued to mock me. Anyway, despite this intense moment, I have no ill will towards these bugs. But if I ever saw a house centipede like that in the picture above, I would scream like a little sissy girl. I know this because I once walked barefoot without my glasses around my house as well. You can imagine my fear when I was forced to crawl under the house to attend to a cable later.

  11. I’ll trade NYC German roaches and large cockroaches for camel crickets and centipedes any day. Roaches eat our food, our toothpaste out the sink drains, bugs and eachother. I have killed the centipedes before and it’s so gross when their legs fall off and kick like crazy. AHHHH! That’s a fun mess to clean!
    Soon well wish ER had these critters, and fried at that! Not too far into the future when our food is scarce. Insects ate a great source of protein. Just ask my cat. She loved em!

    Moo out!

  12. Have these horrid creatures in my basement which is very damp,they get in the house,and they definitely freak me out.I read that if you get the dampness out,they will eventually go to another location,so I put a dehumidifier in the basement,hope and pray it works,I live in Maryland,it sounds like these THINGS are everywhere

  13. House centipedes are harmless to humans and, in fact, are predators of just about every small creature you don’t want in your house. In other words, centipedes are your best friend. If you can look past their creepy factor, they will eat:
    ants, spiders, termites, bed bugs, silver fish, cockroaches, wasps, apparently camel crickets, and all kinds of other pests. Centipedes are very beneficial creatures, and they will merely run away when encountered. What better way to naturally control real pests!

  14. I don’t know about anyone else but those UGLY camel crickets aren’t something I’d like to see. I’m terrified of all spiders, and those look like a cross between a wolf spider & a cricket. I’d totally freak. And as far as getting centipedes to get rid of them……forget it! We have enough centipedes in the Chicago burbs during spring & summer, all u hafta do is leave your door open after dark and they’ll walk right in under your screen door. They’re really creepy too, especially when u sit in your living room at night watching tv and u see one running across the carpet fast and head under a sofa in the dark. All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t get one to get rid of the other. Ewwww!

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