9 thoughts on “Have you thrown out Atlas Shrugged yet?”

  1. If you think that the current financial crisis had anything to do with Rand’s ideas, then it’s time to (re-)read it, not throw it out! Yes, Ala Greenspan was an early admirer, and, yes, Alan Greenspan is largely responsible for the current mess. But that is because Alan Greenspan turned his back on her ideas long ago.

    Get a clue.

  2. I heard today, 7/15/09, that Atlas Shrugged sales volume is up 300% from last year. Jan to June sales are 300,000 units. Since 1957 more than 7 million sold. 26 translations worldwide, a french translation is finally happening after 52 years. So yes, people are still reading Atlas Shrugged.

  3. Yes, and Mein Kampf is big again with some people, too.


    Societal unrest creates a great environment for book publishers to move units of those absolutist manifestos they have in stock. It looks like that sliver of the market performs better on fear than Objectivist dogma.

    Maybe these sales figures demonstrate how many new copies of Atlas Shrugged are needed to replace those that have already been thrown away by older and less naive readers. And who can avoid buying a new copy of Atlas Shrugged if they’re determined to read it? It’s next to impossible for anyone to have time to read this glorified door stop within the two weeks that one can borrow it from the library.

    Sales figures for Atlas Shrugged say more about the psychological condition of our times than they do about it’s value as literature. It’s ironic that those who are doing all the purchasing of this book feel that this demonstrates its greatness, because Rand used that same yardstick to measure all things in life. It’s the main reason why her book is such uninspired reading.

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