Blunt racism

Prince George’s County, MD has approved a measure banning the sale of individual cigars. Stores must instead sell them in packs of at least five. But there are exceptions:

Tobacco stores that specialize in cigar sales, and often sell high-end cigars for as much as $5 apiece or more, are excluded from the legislation’s restrictions, as are other locations that are sometimes age-restricted, including golf courses, fraternal lodges, bars and restaurants.

Katherine Mangu-Ward cries racism:

In short, the only thing that has been banned are cheap cigars in places where poor black people buy them. Carry on with your commerce, white men, in your cigar stores, Elks Clubs, and golf courses.

But Katherine, you’ve got it all wrong! In today’s world, it’s treating people like adults and letting them purchase what they want that’s racist. That’s why everyone was so upset about the racist FDA tobacco bill that would have outlawed all cigarette flavorings except for menthol, that being the flavor preferred by three quarters of African-American smokers. The PG County ban disproportionately protects blacks, leaving middle class white guys unrestricted to indulge their deadly preferences.

As one of those middle class white guys who’ve been known to enjoy an individual $5 cigar from time to time, I’m terribly offended. I demand equality before the law! Prince George’s County, ban my purchases too!

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