Winged tofu

By now you’ve probably heard about Brood X, the billions of cicadas who are soon to emerge from the ground and torment my outdoor graduation ceremony. I knew these buggers were big, loud, and annoying, but I didn’t know they were tasty, too, until Justin sent me this article. Celebrate spring with soft-shelled cicadas, El Chirper tacos, or cicada rhubarb pie. Yum!

Expert Michael Schauff says, “They are quite soft and take on the flavour of whatever you cook them in… They are not quite like a piece of meat, more like a small white potato that’s been cooked.”
Mmmm, ripe for the picking. Photo by Gaye Williams, Maryland Dept. of Agriculture.


5 thoughts on “Winged tofu”

  1. Ha, I didn’t mean to imply that you were endorsing this culinary practice! I’ll vouch for your good taste in food.

    On the other hand, I think I’d give them a try in the right context. Anyone want to prepare some cicada pad thai?

  2. My Chinese student plans to make me some cicada dumplings once the little winged beasts start breeding havoc in D.C. If you’re in town, you’re welcome come along.

  3. Just for the record–the act of putting fried cicada in your mouth is a bit disconcerting; however, the taste is not half bad.

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