Links for 11/12/08

Now that Obama knows intelligence powers will be he is, he might rather like them

If only all Mormons were as cool as Robert Kirby

Corruption no obstacle to congressional reelection

P. J. O’Rourke is funnier when he’s optimistic, but this essay is worth a read

Hey God boy, it’s your fault we atheists are mean

NJ: No new barber licenses since 1984

The Joker reads Ayn Rand? (Page 3)

The latest MxMo roundup


2 thoughts on “Links for 11/12/08”

  1. I would think it’s the kind of book that would get him in the mood for killing. Can’t you see the guy holding Dominique hostage and forcing Howard Roark to either blow up his precious building or watch her die?

    If there’s ever another Fountainhead movie, that’s the ending they need to use.

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