Eli Manning: Leet skillz

[Update: Oops, when I first posted this I had mislinked the image files. They’re working now. I guess that’ll teach me for mocking someone else’s Web production abilities!]

Yesterday my buddy Zhubin linked to the webpage made by Eli Manning for his introductory computer science class. (For people as ignorant about football as I am,* Eli was this year’s number one draft pick and is the younger brother of Peyton Manning.) It was a fun site. As Zhubin noted, “I especially like how you apparently e-mail ESPN to ask for the NFL scores.” The random Mr. Spock picture was cool, too.

Unfortunately, the University of Mississippi took it down before I could write an entry about it. What gives? Are they not proud of the way they educate their athletes? Do they think they can hide this man’s accomplishment from an adoring world?

If they do, they’re wrong. Thanks to Google’s cache and Eli’s rather unoriginal selection of pictures (2 out of 3 are from the standard MS clipart library), it was easy to recreate this marvel of the Web in perfect detail. Voila! Now it can stand forever as a monument to America’s jock education. I wonder what his grade in the course was?

*That’s pretty darn ignorant. For example, I was in D. C. for at least a month before I realized that the Washington Redskins were based there and not in the state of Washington. I learned the truth when a coworker asked me if I was “going to watch the Skins game this weekend?” and I replied, “You mean the golf tournament?” That’s the kind of ignorance I’m talking about.


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  1. Glad to see that football players are spending their time creating websites. Eli Manning’s is way too good though. It’s obvious that he forced some poor cs major to design it for him. Hmm, upon further thought, it probably took the cs major about 25 seconds to make the site (if that)…hehe.

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