Final Philo

Tomorrow night, three and a half years of cafe-philo come to an end. For all of that time (4 years if you count our predecessor Phat Tuesday) this group has been meeting over coffee for conversation and repartee. Next week most of the group graduates, likely making this the last of the weekly meetings.

So if you’re a cafe-philo regular, if you’ve come once or twice, or if you’ve so much as thought about coming, be at J-J’s tomorrow night from 9:00 to 11:00. Celebratory drinks at Blackstone likely to follow.


  1. Court says:

    With news of your return to DC will Cafe-Philo reconvene in Clarendon?

  2. Jacob Grier says:

    That’s certainly a possibility.

  3. Anthon Young says:

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