It could be worse

As bad as things seem now in the midst of a financial crisis and an election in which two power hungry statists are vying for the reins of executive power, it’s worth being reminded of how good we’ve really got it. This story about two Cuban soccer players who escaped their handlers before a match in Washington, DC is truly touching:

It was Thursday, early evening, and the team had just returned from practice. They were milling around the lobby, waiting for dinner, and the coaches walked into the gift shop. Alcantara got up from a sofa, walked down a hallway, found a service door, checked over his shoulder, stepped outside and sprinted toward freedom.

He ran, and ran, and ran. Six to eight blocks. At full speed, looking over his shoulder the whole way, worried that someone would snag him and deliver him back to the Cuban delegation. Finally, when he realized nobody was chasing him, Alcantara stopped at a corner, caught his breath, and flagged down a taxi.

He speaks very little English, but he used what he knew when he got into the taxi cab. “Drive me far,” he told the driver, motioning with his hand. “Go far, far, far.”

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