Back to the District

At 3:00 I began my French final. At 5:00 I stepped out a free man, with zero work remaining in my college career. Today, my life is my own.

That’s not the only good news. Despite my general committment to gainful unemployment, yesterday I accepted a summer intern position. Come June I will be working with my friends at The Institute for Humane Studies! The IHS has done a lot for me these past couple of years and I’m looking forward to joining these very smart, very cool people. This also means that after much weighing of the options I’ve decided to come back to D. C.

A few hours after accepting I found out that this job was open. Oh well… Just kidding, I’ll be more than happy at IHS.

[Once again, link via Stone.]


2 thoughts on “Back to the District”

  1. It is common for a person to graduate from college only to discover that his life was more of his own there rather than in the real world. Out there, your time belongs to whomever you work for. But, at least you will have some time before you commit to one of those long-term, overly demanding jobs. hehe.

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