2 thoughts on “Links for 10/13/08”

  1. As a fairly well educated (or at least, educated for a long time) libertarian, I can say that the Republican party’s trend away from thoughtful voices of conservative ideology, and towards the dumbed down rhetoric of the mythical common man, is not doing them any favors with me. Palin pitching herself as a Joe Sixpack is not going to win her my vote.

    You don’t need to be formally educated to be intelligent, but I really am looking for my leaders to be people who can think, and do it shockingly well. I want people who can blow me out of the water… mentally. I want Lincoln to show up out of the blue and explain to me why I’m wrong and do it with reason and logic and thought. Someone who can use their words to convince me that what they’re saying is right.

    When your main, self-provided selling point appears to be that you’re not special in any way (Palin), I’m forced to wonder why I should want you in charge. If you’re totally average, can’t the Republican party find anybody who’s not average? Who’s better than average?

    Sigh. Give me Lincoln.

    If the Republican party wants to alienate itself from any centrists who aren’t hostile to intellect, they’re going to lose my potential vote.

  2. It’s beyond just alienating intellectuals by pandering to the “common man”: the GOP is actively courting the vote of people who don’t like science. Not in the “physics is too hard” kind of way, but in the “The Bible says we all appeared out of thin air some 6,000 years ago” kind of way. It’s one thing to hate the East Coast liberal intelligentsia because they value things like a college education. It’s quite another to doubt the efficacy of the scientific method.

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