To do in Los Angeles?

There’s lots to write about at the moment, but I’m leaving Denver in the morning and traveling on to Los Angeles. This morning’s links are already up; whether we have some on Friday depends on my internet access.

This is my first time in L.A. I want to stop by the newish Intelligentsia and Lamill Coffee, but otherwise have no plans for where to go. Anyone have suggestions for what to do there?


6 thoughts on “To do in Los Angeles?”

  1. Yes. Get out as soon as you can.

    Seriously, most of my time in L.A. was spent at Dodger Stadium, with occasional jaunts into Hollywood. If you’re a Seinfeld fan, I know for a fact there’s a Kenny Rogers’ Roasters there.

    Otherwise, I stand by my initial advice.

  2. I now live in LA and love it. Make sure to get up Runyon canyon, and explore some of the coffee places in Los Feliz and Silverlake. In my opinion, the west side is a little Georgetowny, but the Fairfax farmers market is worth some time.

  3. The Norton Simon in Pasadena is a world class art museum, I prefer it to the Getty but the Getty is great too. Redondo Beach is a cool area, as is Westwood. But my best advice is just to jump in any vehicle and go north north north. Don’t stop until San Francisco.

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