With a name like Pecker…

Via Stone, the best headline ever.

And since you’re unlikely to try it yourself, this is what you get when you microwave a CD then run it through an image scanner.


  1. Adam Gintis says:

    Nice image! During tonight’s animation assembly insanity, I micro-waved a marshmallow Peep. The onlookers got scared and made me stop when it started to brown. I resisted the dare to consume some of that carbon substance, but the merely desiccated edges were quite tasty. OK, I’m going to stop airing my insanity for the cruel world’s pleasure now, and get some sleep!

  2. Justin Holmes says:

    God you are pathetic Adam. I give you 6 months in the real world before you go completely insane.

  3. Aaron says:

    No, THIS is the best headline ever (link goes to screen shot): Student excited dad got head job

  4. Liz says:

    Pretty! I like that CD. I like shiny things :o)

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