Last Rites

There’s nothing I look forward to more at Vanderbilt than Rites of Spring, the annual three day outdoor concert that comes at the end of April. It’s non-stop music, food, and drinks right on my beloved Alumni Lawn. Most importantly, it’s the ideal time for Aerobie: the throngs of people provide the added challenge of not bonking innocent by-standers in the head with the astonishing flying ring. My friends and I train all year for this event to keep the sorority girl and other soft target casualties to a minimum (of course, hitting a Tri-Delt still counts for 10 points).

This year it looked like this, my last Rites, was going to be washed out in thunderstorms. Luckily, the sky has cleared and the weather couldn’t be better for spring time ring tossage. Here’s my view of the Lawn, in a photograph from about this time last year:


Enough blogging. Time to play outside!


2 thoughts on “Last Rites”

  1. <sigh> In my next life, I’m going to go to college, take 12 hours of easy classes every semester, and probably not even finish any particular degree program. More frisbee, less engineering! Oh well, it might not be Rites anymore, but there’s two weeks left, and I will be showing up to play as soon as all this work is done!

  2. Poor, poor Adam. He’s had an easy semester but had to work hard for one or two weeks at the end. He only gets 2 weeks to screw off before graduation. What a travesty.

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