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I’ve decided to add another sidebar topic to the left – “Trendy on the Net.” The sites themselves may not be trendy, but they track trends on the Internet in various ways and sometimes they come up with something interesting. Here are three worth taking a look at to kick off the new section.

Echocloud – This site collects info from peer to peer music networks to recommend new music. Search for an artist you like and the program returns other artists who appear on the music lists of p2p users. The higher the correlation, the higher the artist appears on the results page.

I tried it out with a number of artists I listen to and found that it reliably returned others in which I was interested. The site notes that less popular artists yield better results within a genre, which I found to be true. For instance, “Christiane Noll” calls more Broadway singers to the top of the list than did “Linda Eder,” who is better known and calls up Jewel and Santana. (Noll also returns “Original Broadway Cast,” which is unhelpful). [Source:]

Google Zeitgeist – A page from Google that finds trends and patterns in what people are searching for. This includes a weekly list of the ten most increasing and most declining searches (Last week “Gregory Peck” gained and “Rolland Garros” lost the most queries). There’s lots of other info here, not often useful, but sometimes entertaining.

Technorati – A site that tracks thousands of blogs to track what people on the web are talking about. Websites and news stories that have the most new links leading to them show up highest on the list. There is also a page for featured new blogs and a Link Cosmos feature that allows you to submit a URL and instantly see what other pages are linking to it. The more reliable links it has, the more reliable a source it probably is.

Right now my site has no links in their database, so I guess what I have to say is pretty damn unreliable. In fact, I suggest you stop reading right now. The National Enquirer has 34 links, maybe you’re better off with them.

Still here? Good, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You might also want to know that Technorati offers a way to use Link Cosmos from your browser just by adding a bookmark. Go the site you want to check, click the bookmark, and a new window opens to show the results. This worked for me in Internet Explorer, but I could not use either of the two bookmark versions of Link Cosmos in Slim Browser.

I wanted to add Buddy Zoo to this list (which maps networks of AIM users), but the site has been down for a while. If it comes online again I will add it.


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  1. Why is it I’m not at all suprised Queso Crusher? BuddyZoo was a school project, it prolly ended for the summer, or maybe hes done with it all together because it was purely research. Heres another link, dont say I didnt warn you… TO the TACOMOBILE!
    ^Weebl and Bob

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