Twelve dollars spent

When I was in D. C. last month I spent much of my down time back at Common Grounds, my frequent coffee shop hangout from the fall. One of those days they played a song that really caught my attention and I immediately began trying to track it down on Google. No luck. But compelled to find out what it was, I asked the barista for a list of the CDs in their rotation that morning.

That narrowed it down to six and the song turned out to be the opening track of local singer Leah Morgan’s “Zero Dollars Spent.” Twelve dollars later the CD was in the mail. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it this week; the songs are eclectic and hard to classify, but folk rock may be the best description. They’re all good. You can hear samples on her website or at the CD sales site. Or, for my D. C. friends, check the schedule for upcoming live performances. (There’s one in Common Grounds! Makes me wish I was back in town.)