2 thoughts on “High Five Day”

  1. a q, for my favorite libertarian!

    all this talk about the unborn, the preborn, those people-shaped tapeworms. parents have full legal rights over their children’s bodies, right? can a parent force her minor child to have an abortion? can a parent force her minor child to give the baby up for adoption? it seems to me an awful injustice if the parent, who then shoulders the financial burden of her grandchild, cannot “undo” the situation caused by her child. what if they don’t have health insurance? do the parents of a minor father have claim to custody of the grandchild? would they have to pay liabilities if the minor mother’s family decided to keep the grandchild?

    just wondering..


  2. Those are a lot of complicated questions, and not ones I’ve given much thought to. I’m going to take a pass on them for now. Perhaps they will make good cafe-philo conversation topics, but I’m not ready to expound on them in written form.

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