Sarah Palin for VP

OK, I wasn’t quite expecting that. Palin’s relatively inexperienced, so it’s hard to judge her stances on the issues. Her biggest plus is her record of cutting taxes, cutting spending, and exposing pork barrel projects. Her biggest minus is her social conservatism; she’s emphatically pro-life, in favor of the death penalty, and against gay marriage (though to her credit she vetoed a bill that would have forbidden Alaska from giving benefits to the same-sex partners of state employees).

On the environment she seems to see the need to balance economic growth with resource conservation and slowing down carbon emissions, but it’s unclear from a glance whether she’ll take a smart, market-based approach to this. She supports school choice via charter school options. She comes up blank on foreign policy and civil liberties right now, but I’m not optimistic.

Tactically, this seems like a great choice. She adds diversity to the ticket and could lure woman voters, while at the same time her social conservatism and NRA membership can shore up McCain’s weakness with the Republican base. Even libertarians can find something to like in her fiscal conservatism.

What am I missing?

Update: She smoked marijuana, but she doesn’t think that you should be allowed to. It’s not, however, her biggest drug enforcement priority. Via Sullivan.


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin for VP”

  1. I’m sure some women will be glad to support her, but I don’t think she’s going to woo any former Clinton supporters.

    As much as we’d (speaking as a liberal woman, not a former Clinton supporter) like to see more women in positions of power, a pro-life, pro-teaching-creationism-in-schools, pro-almost-everything-we’re-against woman isn’t going to come close to cutting it.

    I do think the move was smart in that it may convince some conservatives to vote who otherwise would have stayed home.

    WOW … What a great pick!!! America should elect
    McCain & Palin for the Whitehouse in November,
    for a return to wholesome American values.
    An experienced Governor for V.P. vs. a
    community organizer for President … I pick Palin.
    No Wright, no Farrakahn, no Ayers, no Rezko,
    no mean Michelle, NOBAMA

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