Stick a needle in my eye

Just when I thought people had run out of places to pierce, body art gets weirder. This could make a good Penn and Telleresque card trick, getting a card’s number in one eye and its suit in the other. I don’t think it’s worth it, however.


4 thoughts on “Stick a needle in my eye”

  1. body art gets weirder, huh? i had heard about this before, and i would be first in line to get it done. as for piercing, “if you can pinch it, you can pierce it.” unfortunately, if there’s any strain on the area once you’re done pinching, the piercing will soon migrate out. for more info, see or if you want to see the “extreme mods”, i.e., genitalia piercings etc., i think i still have a pass.

    note: not for those with a weak stomach.


  2. Migration is one of the main concerns mentioned in the article linked in the main entry. The tissue in the eye is so soft that the British doctors warn the stud cold migrate and leave scar tissue behind. Maybe they’re wrong, but I’ll stick to less invasive card revelations.

  3. the softer the tissue, actually, the lower the chance for rejection– it’s that strain of the flesh trying to go its own way that causes migration. that’s why, for example, finger web piercings migrate out very quickly when female inner labia piercings rarely ever do. i assume that with this entirely under the surface, as with the eye, the mod would be given concavity and as small a thickness as possible to discourage rejection. all piercings are, of course, tailored to the subject’s body; usually this consists of the degree of curve to a curved barbell and its length, but certain ones, such as the under-the-collarbone (not sure if there’s a name) and pocketing instruments definitely are.

    a quick fact for any would-be piercees: all surface piercings with any tension do eventually reject. eyebrows and navels, yes, are surface piercings. nape, too. ALL SURFACE PIERCINGS with a straight bb WILL reject.

    again, has a great section on tips and care for surface piercings. and not to be *too* preachy (you have stumbled unknowingly, j, onto one of my rant platforms) but ALWAYS see an educated professional for body mods, NEVER use a piercing gun (or be the victim of one), and ALWAYS wear proper jewelry and clean it according to your piercer’s instructions.

    that said, happy piercing! (or having things stuck in your eye!)


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