I recycle

outsourced.jpegWhen The Agitator linked to my rejection letter last month, the entry title was “At least it wasn’t due to outsourcing.” The original wasn’t, but that title made a good idea for a story. So here is the rejection letter recycled to be a part of a full-length Slant article, “Family Outsources Son to India.” I hate to be repetitive, but it’s all new to the 99% of Slant readers who don’t also read my weblog. Big tip o’ the hat to Radley Balko for the idea.

Also in this issue: Slant alumni offer advice to senior staff, a Dance Dance Revolution topples the Venezuelan government, Avril Lavigne informs us that she’s still angry, and things get ugly as twelve die in Torch-Orbis violence. Ten points to the first person who correctly identifies the hands below!


The issue also features a guest appearance by everyone’s favorite genus Psychrolutes, Mr. Blobby. Read the whole thing here.


6 thoughts on “I recycle”

  1. Queso Crusader, I accept your challenge, and will take a commanding lead with yet another ten points.

    Torch: Seems to be held by one Jacob Grier.

    Orbis: Seems to be held by one Andrew Banecker, because I recognize that jacket.

    I wasn’t at production, so I should get double points for knowing this.

  2. A worthy effort, Taco Boy, but wrong nonetheless. I will double your points from 0 to 0. In fact, I’ll triple them. Any other guesses? (You’ve used yours, Taco Boy.)

  3. Zhubin, thanks for the heads up on the Orbis link. It’s fixed now.

    Taco Boy, you were half right. I’m the one holding the Torch, but the jacket belongs to none other than Tim Boyd. No points for you!

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