The fast and the… ?

I’m in Chicago, catching up from a long drive down from the UP yesterday that included stops at Grand Traverse Distillery and the Bell’s Brewery Eccentric Cafe, so no morning links yet. As I move further west the “morning” part of those links is going to become less and less relevant to this blog’s primarily East Coast readership, so I’ll probably be dropping the AM part of the headline anyway.

I need to get out of Chicago before this happens:

Fast and the Furriest


  1. Dante says:

    The address explains it all. 63rd? Pffft. Pretend the South Side doesn’t exist and your life will be more enjoyable and optimistic. Any chance you’re around Sunday for a scotch?

  2. Jacob Grier says:

    Possible, but still working out the schedule. May need to hit the road by then, but would definitely like to if I can stick around.

  3. D White says:

    Come on, dude, put on the squirrel suit.

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