Sobieski vodka review

I wasn’t completely honest when I said that I had to leave my entire home bar behind in Virginia. I actually did tuck one bottle of liquor into my car, a sample of Sobieski Vodka that arrived just as I was packing up to leave. Now that I’m relaxing in Michigan I’ve finally had a chance to crack it open.

“Spicy aromas of star anise, cream, minerals and powdered sugar follow through to a round, silky entry and a smooth off-dry medium-to-full body with a long, lingering whipped cream, spice, rye dough, and sweet citrus fade with virtually no heat,” writes the Beverage Tasting Institute. Um, ok. I’m not getting all that. But I am getting a very smooth, very drinkable vodka that’s good both neat and on the rocks. It’s distilled in Poland from Mazowse rye, and that lends a pleasant but not overpowering spice to the glass.

I’d heard a few comments that this vodka was very good for the price, but I still had a bit of sticker shock when I opened up the included materials and saw what it sells for. Not because it’s high, but because it’s surprisingly low: just $11.99 for a 750 ml bottle. Sobieski’s running a clever sort of anti-marketing marketing campaign, mocking the over-priced brands that emphasize everything except quality. They’ve come through with a vodka that tastes good without breaking the bank. Given the price, I could definitely see using this a lot in my next home bar.


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  1. You can always trust the Poles to come through with the vodka 🙂 I’ve had Sobieski before but always when I was in Poland or had just come back and bought it as a gift, so it’s been a few years. But I’ve never had a Polish vodka I didn’t like.

  2. My three favorite wodkas are all Rye-based Polish wodkas, although they do sorce slightly different types of rye. Belvedere, Pravda, and Sobieski, in alphabetical order. Notice anything? The other two wodkas are pricde at $25+ per bottle, while Sobieski can be had for $12. I don’t care what you normally drink, Sobieski is worth the try. Especially those of you who think Smirnoff is the shiz, or you need to drop dolla for Goose. To put how we do in NorCal, Sobieski is hella good!

    Remember, real wodka comes from Poland, tastes good, and doesn’t need to break the bank!

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