Oh yes, Wyoming!

There’s nothing more annoying than Internet advertising — unless it’s so creative you’ll want to seek it out and watch it just for fun. That’s what we get with this new series of American Express ads featuring Superman and his pal Jerry Seinfeld. Freed from television’s 30 second constraint, there’s more time to explore the possibilities of the premise and less urgency to pitch the product. Watch “A Uniform Used to Mean Something” (the only spot that’s completely finished) and then sing along to “Oh yes, Wyoming!” [Link via Jesse Walker at Hit & Run.]

Incidentally, the Superman comic series seem to be hitting a streak of solid writing lately. And if you’re into DC Comics movies, here’s a peek at the new Batmobile in the upcoming Batman Begins movie.


  1. Doug Weimann says:

    Love it, love it, LOVE IT! I sing it in the shower, eating breakfast, at work, in my car, mowing the lawn, making love to my wife… I sing it always. It’s such a catchy little diddy!

  2. Bill Lasher says:

    I wrote this song while working as a teacher in Anchorage Alaska years before it was use by Seinfeld and American Express while coaching 7th grade girls track! It hit me like a ton of bricks. I really enjoyed this song…until THEY took it form ME! Its so sad how corporate American takes from the little guy to become even more powerful and rich. Oh No Wyoming!

  3. Kim Weimann says:

    Why must I listen to my husband sing this song (poorly and out of tune) when we are making love. Thank god it only lasts about 30 seconds (we’ve been married for a while).

  4. Doug Weimann says:

    Even two years later I still can’t get this song out of my head. My wife says she’s glad the song is so short… I’m not sure why she says that. Nevertheless, I shall sing this song until the day I die… then I will continue to sing it to my maker! Long live Wyoming!!!

  5. jo says:

    oh man… i wish there were still a place on the internet to listen to that song… that whole series of shorts was amazing. i miss it.

  6. Bob Bruning says:

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