IHS seminars

I should have mentioned before that I highly recommend the summer seminars put on by The Institute for Humane Studies every year. I’ve attended one for each of the previous two summers and had a wonderful time at each (they were Liberty and Current Issues in 2002 and Globalization and Poverty in 2003). They’re a lot of fun, a great way to make friends from all over the world, and the lectures are thought provoking. Overviews of this year’s seminars are available here. These are great ways to spend a week if you’re a college student or recent graduate interested in policy issues.

If you’re a graduate student, consider the Social Change Workshop run by Will Wilkinson. He has an outstanding faculty lined up for it.

IHS pays for pretty much everything except travel to these seminars. Apply soon, as the deadline is just five days away.


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  1. I am interested in attending any Seminar or Conference that’s available in West Coast. I have previously attended a week long seminar at Princeton University.
    Please email me the current list of what’s available.

    Thank you
    Mehwish Rashid

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