Station spotting

If you have a clear night and not much light pollution (like I currently do in the UP), you can spot the International Space Station with the naked eye. NASA publishes a schedule of up-to-the-minute sighting times here. It looks like a bright, quickly moving star without magnification, taking 1-4 minutes to pass overhead. With magnification, it’s possible to capture an impressive level of detail. A cool thing to notice if you look up at the right time.


1 thought on “Station spotting”

  1. Earlier this year, I got to see the space shuttle following the space station (it had recently undocked) by a few seconds…it looked like it was chasing it across the sky. About a minute earlier, the Jules Verne had crossed on the same trajectory (it was set to dock with the ISS a week later). It was a remarkable, inspiring sight.

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