Last capp

Classic Capp at Murky

It ends where it begins, with a cappuccino at Murky Coffee. It’s the place where I’ve spent more hours than any other in Virginia, made some of my closest friends, escaped the DC policy scene, and discovered my love of coffee and crafting a quality a drink. Without it, there’s no way I would have lasted five years here, and it’s the community I’ll miss the most while I’m on the road.

Hanging out at ye old green pole

Now, west.


4 thoughts on “Last capp”

  1. Travel well, my friend! Sad that I didn’t get to join you one last time for cigars and coffee out on the cement. Enjoy the Pac NW for me, and I’ll get out there to visit sometime in the near(er) future!

  2. Awwww, Jacob! I’ve wondered how (& where) you’re doing since you rolled out. Hugs & hopes that you’re having fun. *^_^*

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