Axe the smoking bans

One of the common complaints about smoking bans is that with the cigarettes gone there’s nothing to cover up the scents from the bar and other patrons. Axe Body Spray has taken advantage of this with a clever new website,

Axe hired Dr. Alan Hirsch of Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago — he has credentials and a white lab coat — to examine the smells in a popular Chicago bar compared to other environments. His findings? The odor concentration in the bar was better than in a pig slaughter house, but worse than an animal rescue shelter, men’s room, or industrial site. A coffee shop was the best smelling place. (Was it Intelligentsia?)

And that’s where Axe comes in:

When smoking is allowed inside bars, cigarette smoke acts as a mask to the underlying bad smells that reside. But smoke doesn’t just hide these smells, it actually kills and temporarily paralyzes your “olfactory apparatus” (ability to smell). As a result, you cannot detect your own odors, the odors of others in the bar, odors outside the bar or odors on your way home that evening.

After being surrounded by smoke in a bar all night, any girl who leaves with a guy would not detect his underlying body odor later that night – or, potentially, the next morning. Thus, guys – unfortunately – could get away with smelling bad, and girls are unable to recognize it.

Furthermore, regular smoking impairs your ability to smell. A girl who smokes heavily could be much less likely to even recognize that a guy smelled badly.

Why should all this matter to you? Because the elimination of smoke allowed guys’ underlying body odor to come out – both at the bar and after they leave. And to a prospective “hook-up” – no matter how you look, how much money you make or how interesting you are – if you smell bad, the girl’s attraction to you will plummet. That fact is not rocket (or scent) science!

I realize it’s pure marketing, but I’m amused enough to post it anyway.


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  1. See? The whole ban movement is underwritten by a corporation. This should appeal to your libertarian sensibilities, yes? Also, I got paid a cool $200 to make these comments on your blog about it.

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