New on the roll

The weather here has been so nice lately that I can’t resist going outside to play, thus relegating schoolwork to nights and early mornings. That’s been keeping me too busy to update and will for a few more days yet, but in the meantime here are a few new additions to my blogroll:

Steve is an occasional commenter on this weblog. He also has one of his own and it may be the best-designed weblog I’ve ever come across. The layout is easily readable, the entries are amusing, and there are lots of features. My favorite is the list of odd search queries that bring visitors to his site — hilarious.

Meredith Gray is the current editor in chief of The Slant and has a new tattoo that says “me.” in Baskerville bold 72 pt. font. She also has a new weblog, not in Baskerville bold 72 pt. font.

Ceaf Lewis is another Slant writer, now blogging as Nigel DelManticore. Deuterocanonical!

Finally, Michael Podguski was one of my fellow interns in Washington. He’s just begun a collaborative weblog where he and a friend debate various policy issues. It’s fittingly named Policy Debate.


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  1. I can assure you that if the site is well designed, it is because I am using a template designed by someone else. Thanks though for the compliment. I rather like this site as well.

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