Mr. Blobby

Everyone say hello to Mr. Blobby. Isn’t he cute? He sort of reminds me of an unhappy Ziggy — unhappy because he’s just been decapitated.

I found Mr. Blobby when I was searching for pictures of a fangtooth, a deep sea fish with fangs so big they’d impale its own brain if it didn’t have special head sheaths for them. The kind of fangs you don’t mess with. The kind you’d use to catch a Ziggy fish. Scary, huh?

Why the sudden interest in fangtooths? (Or is it fangteeth?) Because a friend sent me this article about deep sea creatures newly discovered in the Tasman Sea. The article describes the very strange sexual practices of a certain angler fish, even stranger than the orgasm faking trout. We’re really into the sexuality of fish, my friend and I. It’s a thing we have.

More denizens of the Tasman Sea can be viewed here.


5 thoughts on “Mr. Blobby”

  1. Greetings Queso Crusader, I have not checked your online journal in a long time, and felt the need to inform the world that I am not dead. There are those of you who thought I was dead, or a figment of The Queso Crusader’s imagination. I assure you that he could not have come up with such a plan to assure my place as world ruler. I plan to send a dispatch out soon for those of you who wish to swear your loyalty now, before I clense this planet of the non-believers.

  2. Hi Jacob,

    I look after the Australian Museum Fish Site, where you found Mr Blobby. I was also on the NORFANZ expedition during which Mr Blobby was collected.

    I regularly add new pages on fishes collected during that incredible expedition. Today I have added a page on the Silver Lighthouse Fish at

    Would you like me to let you know when I put up pages on other unusual fishes?

    Mark McGrouther
    Australian Museum
    Fish Collection Manager

  3. Dear Mark McGrouther,

    I’m a huge fan of Mr.Blobby. Working for a Japanese documentary film making firm I am always on the look out for the wonderful, and thus very interested to see what else you turn up. Please do keep me updated with all your discoveries.

    Fiona Dickson
    Programme Development
    NHK Enterprises
    London, UK

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