Urban camping for the iPhone

Last night found me walking home and passing the Clarendon Apple store, where I dropped by to see if a crowd of insane people had gathered yet to spend the night waiting for the new 3G iPhone. No crowd yet, just a few people — including my own intern. He’d brought beer, so before long I’d joined him in hiding a bottle from passing cops and getting to know the other eager customers. The arrival of the amazingly well-equipped Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman sealed the deal for me, and by midnight I’d come back with a camping pad, a blanket, a baseball glove to rest my head on, a light-up frisbee, and more drinks. I became one of those insane people.

And good thing, too. By the time of the store’s opening the line stretched well beyond 200. By enjoying a night of urban camping my friends and I were in the first group admitted in. Megan and Peter blogged about it here, here, here, and here (with video!). Around 3:30 in the morning reporter Neal Augenstein came by to do interviews on the scene and I ended up in this segment from WTOP. Not surprisingly, I’m the guy talking about beer.

I’d like to write more about how awesome the new phone is, but thanks to the hard sleep surface, the loud teenager hyped on caffeine, and the over-achieving snorer on the other side of me, I am wiped out. More later, nap time now.


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