Finally, sampling miracle fruit tablets

Miracle fruit tablets

I’ve had many opportunities to try fresh miracle fruit, the strange African berry that makes sour foods taste sweet, but before this weekend I’d never sampled the miracle fruit tablets that are widely available in Asia. They’ve been unavailable in the US because of a dubious decision by the FDA to deny miraculin, the fruit’s active protein, status as a “generally recognized as safe” ingredient. There’s no reason to think it’s harmful and many suspect that lobbying by the artificial sweetener industry was behind the classification (see articles by The Wall Street Journal or BBC). Instead we in the US have only been able to purchase the fruit itself, a perishable, expensive, hard-to-find berry that only grows in warm weather and acidic soil.

That’s finally changing. Given the growing interest in experiencing the effects of miraculin, a few websites have sprung up to import and sell the tablets. Made entirely of corn starch and “Mysterious Fruit Powder,” these tablets replicate the effects of miracle fruit. Miracle Fruit Express was nice enough to send me a sample for review.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration,” cautions the instruction page that came with the package of miracle fruit tablets. “This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Although there have been no reported ill effects, or any known side-effects, we cannot guarantee your safety and can not be held liable for any damage or loss of life.”

That’s not the most comforting thing to read on a package of pills that’s just been sent you by an internet vendor, but knowing that miracle fruit has been used for centuries and having tried it many times myself, I tore into the box without concern.

Miracle fruit tablets

They’re produced by the Sen Yuh Farm Science Company in Taiwan. The package says, “It is the most amazing sugar substitute known to man. It is 100% natural, has hardly any calories, and no known adverse side effects and is, all in all, good for health.”

Miracle fruit tablets

As with fresh miracle fruit, the key to making the tablets work is to let them roll around the tongue and coat the taste buds as thoroughly as possible. The tablets are mildly sweet, with a vaguely cherry-like flavor. They take about a minute to dissolve. Then, it’s time for dessert! From the food I have at home (i.e. cocktail garnishes), I assembled a plate of lemons, limes, strawberries, and a shot of fresh-squeezed lemon juice to taste after using the tablet.

Miracle fruit tablets

The taste transformation is everything I remember from my first sample of miracle fruit. The lemon and lime slices were like tart candy, the juice was pleasant to drink on its own, and the strawberries brought me back to the ones covered in confectioner’s sugar I used to eat as a kid. I couldn’t get enough of them. The effect is certainly stronger than what I’ve experienced recently with frozen berries, which tend to lose some of their potency.

Are the tablets better than the berries? Not necessarily. There’s something magical about eating a rare, fragile fruit that makes ordinary sour foods taste sweet. In a culture that’s accustomed to pills that can end our depression, put us to sleep, and extend our sex lives, getting the same effect from a tablet isn’t quite as amazing. But the fruit has some major disadvantages: it goes bad quickly, it’s costly to ship, and it’s in limited supply. Tablets last longer and can be taken any time. It’s easy to imagine dieters, diabetics, and adventurous foodies keeping a couple of them in their pockets for an afternoon treat. They couldn’t do that with the berries.

Though they lack the romance of the fruit, the tablets are cheaper and far more practical. If it weren’t for the government’s restrictive regulations, I’m sure they’d be as readily available here as they are in Asia. You can buy them now from Miracle Fruit Express. They currently go for $25 for 10, $40 for 20, and $90 for 55. Shipping is included (a nice change from the overnight shipping required for the fresh berries). For anyone who wants to sample miracle fruit without having to wait for a new crop or risk letting the berries go rotten, the tablets are a great way to try it out.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Watch this:


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  1. I just ordered a ten pack… I’m quite excited πŸ™‚ Hope all is well with you. I’m moving to DC in October… hope to see ya then.

  2. Oh man, that’s great that you’re coming to DC. I’d have loved to see you. Unfortunately, I’m moving to the other coast in just a few weeks.

  3. You around Thursday – Sunday, this week? Dave and I will be in town looking for apartments.

  4. i bought some from this company…must say it was a disappointment. it worked a little but it was not the dramatic change everyone talks about…i emailed the vendor i used for a replacement because perhaps the proteins got denatured…no reply yet =[

  5. Hi Jeff. This is will the owner of Miracle Fruit Express. I have never had any customer with the first name “Jeff” nor any complaints whatsoever about our products.

    If anyone has any questions about the quality of our products which I stand behind, please e-mail me directly at or give me a call and i’ll call you back within 24 hours. [866]-790-0310.


  6. I’ve introduced a number of people to miracle berries in the last few years and they invariably have a huge grin when they taste that first bite of lime – they can’t believe it. It seems to me that taste alteration brought on by a tablet is less magical than the same experience from a berry. Any thoughts?

    Outstanding article, thanks!

  7. Heh. Never tried the fruit, only the tabs. The funny thing is, I think every online vendor gets their tabs from the same place. They all come in that green package that says Mysterious Fruit tab.

  8. Listen Will, stating that you have never had any orders from anyone named Jeff isnt exactly good for buisness you know? So you must know the name of every person who has ever ordered from you? If your company is so unsuccesful that you have never recieved an order from someone with such a common name your product must not be very popular, or you are simply lying. Your product seems to be popular enough so it must be the latter. Why not be truthful and at least admit to the possibility of some batchs being faulty? After reading what jeff said I was left a little hesitant about ordering these pills, but after reading your foolish response i will definitely not be ordering from the company you are with. I can only hope that if indeed the tablets do work your company finds new ownership, and with it, freedom from your scam artist tactics…

  9. although they have seemed very willing to accomodate, we’ve had some problems ordering 50 tablets from David Fong at

    their paypal account is not set up properly so you can only pay by e-check, it does not respect any balance you have in your paypal account, and tries to access your bank for a transfer (which in itself is fine, just unnecessary and a real time waster unfortunately)

    from ottawa to montreal, when i ordered on a tuesday and wanted it for friday via express post, they said it was already sent and that it would only arrive by Monday.

    I said, why not send it by overnight delivery? expecting a 15 to 30 dollar charge (acceptable) for fedex or ups or whatever.

    they said they requested a private delivery instead and that it would cost 300$, which of course was not planned for.

    Then he suggested to drive half way to meet up with the distributor, which of course on short notice with a day job and other projects cant just happen for me…

    so now we are waiting to see what happens. this evening is going to be cancelled last minute if the package does not arrive before 6, and we will reschedule for Monday night for those that can do it, since he SAID the first package would arrive in the mail on Monday.

    if we have to reschedule again for some reason (i wont make assumptions till i have proof something is scammish), then i will drop the distributor and have one of the web boys disseminate the warnings virally via youtube video to prevent this from happening to others. we’ve helped before in this way for other scams so it should be a quick death if this is a scam.

    thanks for listening, just keeping you posted.

    you never know, they might pull through and do some amazing customer service move to show they are the big cheese in the industry. we can only hope… and then we can help them out by putting a positive spin on the videos instead. πŸ™‚


  10. an update sorry, my daughter obviously will not be able to accept a package (even i wouldnt, at that price) and pay 300$ shipping, its unplanned for and we are working all day… so its only her there… so the party is being rescheduled anyways for monday right now. just so you know if ur following, thanks.

  11. Why would I buy the Miracle Fruit Tables when I can get the fresh fruit online?
    Its fresh and you can make sure that is Miracle Fruit what u trying and not some other thing that won’t make the same effect.

  12. Hello Everyone. I’d like to clarify what happened with Lina and her comments above.

    First of all she sent a bad eCheck. I received a response from PayPal:

    An eCheck payment from Lina Valenti ( could not be processed from the sender’s bank. Please do not ship any items. We have canceled this transaction and advise that you contact the sender to make new payment arrangements.

    Please contact Lina Valenti regarding this payment.

    Payment details:
    Amount: $62.99 USD
    Sender: Lina Valenti
    Sender’s email:
    Transaction ID: 0WK05388DN0398012
    Transaction date: Feb. 23, 2005



    The transaction date shows 2005. When she placed an order the check was still pending. She contacted me on 8/18/09 saying she needed them for an event so I had my Canadian distributor send them before the payment clearing. Then she contacts me on 8/20, saying she needs them by 8/21. Next day cost were about $300 because it was after 4pm and UPS and FedEx options where the only things left. I tried to work something out with her however her e-check was fake and I was out 5 boxes of miracle fruit tablets for trying to offer excellent customer service.

    And to the above comment the miracle fruit tablets work just like the actual fruit and it cost less.

    1. Hi David Fong,

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  13. I am excited the way the miracle fruit is gaining popularity. It good business for you guys in the USA who sell it. Lots of potential here in Ghana where the fruit is dominant. Anybody interested to sell fresh and partner in a freeze dried project can contact me.

    1. Hi Zi,

      Myself Ashish Katyal and i want to import miracle berry tablets to India. Right now i am looking for a supplier.

  14. Well I got a gift card from Think Geek and so I ordered it via their website, but I’m a little scared now that I know it came from a laboratory.

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    1. Hi David Akuamoah,

      Myself Ashish Katyal of AK Imports and Exports from New Delhi, India.
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  16. Hi

    Myself Ashish Katyal of AK Imports and Exports from New Delhi, India.
    Our company wants to introduce Miracle Berry Tablets in India.
    We are planning to market these tablets for diabetic patient as there is no such products available in India.

    Please, Kindly provide
    FOB price per piece
    Minimum Order Quantity

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