More Starbucks skullduggery

Finding fault with chain restaurants’ nutritional information has become a new trend. The latest offender is Starbucks. Blogger Ms. Bitch Cakes notes:

When the Peach Apple Tart nutrition information became available, I posted it here. One of the comments in that blog made me realize the nutrition information couldn’t possibly be right- It stated:

120 calories (total)
12 grams of fat

I can’t believe that I missed the inconsistency of that information- I know that 1 gram of fat is 9 calories. If the 12 grams of fat are accurate, the FAT CALORIES ALONE are 108- making it impossible for the TOTAL CALORIES to equal 120.

After she wrote them, the company revised the calorie count to 280, more than twice the original listing.

This blog previously considered misleading calorie counts here and here, cast doubt on New York’s chain restaurant mandate here, and caught Starbucks with a misleading roast date here.

[Via Starbucks Gossip.]


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  1. All the more reason for regulation of the issue.

    (You didn’t expect me to refrain from this comment, did you?)

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