Vacation plans

From June 28 – July 4 I’ll be at Georgetown University for the IHS summer seminar on Globalization and Poverty. The one I attended last year (Liberty and Current Issues) was fantastic, so I’m very excited about this — especially since I’ll get to see some friends from last year there.

I’m flying into D. C. a few days early to look for an apartment. Hopefully I’ll have an internship at Cato and spend the fall semester there. In any case, I’ve already signed a leave of absence from Vandy, so I need to find some place to be and Washington is easily my first choice. Anyone has an apartment lead, be sure to send me an e-mail.

The seminar ends on July 4th, but I’m staying to celebrate that night in the city. I fly back the 5th, then probably on the 7th drive off with the family to Les Cheneaux, MI (taking my sister Casey to see some colleges along the way). Lots to do there this year: tennis, golf, two big sailing races, and my 21st b-day.

Yeah, it’s going to be a fun summer. It’s a good thing I’m taking off school to work in the fall or I might be feeling a little guilty.