My dorm has a “Wall of Shame” where students display the rejection letters they get from schools, jobs, and internships. It’s a way of sharing the stresses and sometimes miseries of being a graduating senior with no guarantees about what the next year will bring. Well, I haven’t applied for any jobs or grad schools, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a spot on the wall. I just wish my parents weren’t so harsh in the postscript.


  1. Justin Holmes says:

    Funny :)

  2. Adam Gintis says:

    Damn! And your Mom seemed so nice when I met her…I’m scared, and I’m not even their child! :P

  3. Dad says:

    Just wanted to report that our recruitment for your replacement in our organization is going smoothly. Currently, the leading applicant is a Swedish exchange student named Ilse who is double-majoring in massage and exotic dance. Mom is a bit negative on her but she’s the number one candidate on my list!

    By the way, the dog is looking a bit more nervous than usual, especially when I’m cleaning the gun.

  4. Mike says:

    I am now officially scared of your parents (although after reading his comment, your dad seems like he and I think alike)

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